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The NEW Historic Natchez Tableaux
The NEW Historic Natchez Tableaux will feature new scenes set at the Forks of the Road, new music, and performances you don't want to miss!
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Antebellum Mansions Open Year-Round

The magnificent mansions listed below are available for touring year round. Tour times and prices are subject to change.  Some houses are not open daily during Pilgrimage.  See your Pilgrimage brochure for scheduled homes, or call 800-647-6742 for details.
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Individual Ticket Prices
Adults 19 and older         $12 per person (The Towers: $15)
Youth 6 - 18 years         $8 per person (The Towers: $10)

3-House Discount Packages
Visit any of the three mansions below (except for Dunleith and The Towers)
Adults 19 and older          $36 per person
Youth 6 - 18 years          $24 per person


Mansions on Tour Throughout the Year

Sunday March 29, 2015